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CONFESSIONES (Translation)

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In a phase of aimlessness and intensified contemplation thanks to COVID-19 came a prayer experience in which I asked myself / in which I was asked to pray "in a special way" for the lost children.

At first I didn't know what to do with it, but as an information technology man I also had experience with some of my "children" (aka inventions) that had been "discarded by the father" (discarded by the company), I finally thought that that "fits very well" and thought about a concept for one or two WWW domains.

The domain lc-soc-lc.or.at would "lend a hand" and actually do something worldly FOR "Lifelong Collaborating", i.e. FOR better conditions for children (comparable to the "labora!" of St. Benedict)

The domain lc-soc-lc.co.at would "coordinate prayers and focus on the topic" (comparable to the "ora!" of St. Benedict), by offering Austrian religious communities a platform, TOGETHER for EXACTLY THIS THEME to advertise ("Praying for the lost children").

Purpose of the Domain lc-soc-lc.co.at

This domain will provide the Web Interface of the Lost Children Society, as soon as it will have been founded.

The Lost Children Society shall

  1. WHAT: Support good will prayer for lost children and for people, who are responsible for children's loss or generally suffer from children's loss
  2. WHY: in order to bring some relief to the disaster of children's loss
  3. HOW: in a first phase just collect feed back -> send an e-mail to our Web Master yeti
  4. WITH WHOM: be open to any ethically valueful kind of belief or religion

Common Resources

All common resources are managed by the domain lc-soc-lc.at

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